The selected subject was very serious: the revolt against the social injustice, discrimination, war, barbarous and absurd.
The Boris Vian‘s song Le Déserteur opened the evening. Then, we listened to Le Chant des Partisans, Le Temps des cerises, L’Affiche rouge…among other things. We heard gorgeous voices of P. Robeson, Mahalia Jackson, Y.Montand, J.Ferrat …..
The atmosphere was grave: the reality evoqued being very sad, all the more sad because- we all know- it does not belong only to the past.
At the end, The Joy Hymn restored a bit our hope.
As usual, it was very interesting to understand the personal choices of every one.

Next month, on 16 April, Claudine will make us listen to her favourite pieces and will commentate them. We will be inspired by the famous english broadcast: Desert Island Disc.