On May 20, we have listened to:

Lili, by P.Perret and Carmen (Habanera) (Janyvonne)
Mathilde by J.Brel, Les sabots d’Hélène by Brassens and Nathalie, by G.Bécaud (Michèle)
Tanya by Dexter Gordan, Naima by John Coltrane (Dany)
From West Side Story Maria (Charles)
Sheila by Tommy Roe (Sheila Tr.W. and David Hoyle)
Il est libre Max by H.Cristini, Diana by Paul Anka (Claudine)
Mona Lisa by Natalie Cole, (Dave M.)
The Diary of Horace Wimp ELO , Suzanne by Judy Collins (Sue)
Isabelle by J.Brel (Marie-Thé)
Dinah, by Benny Goodman, Sweet Lorraine by Séphane Grapelli (Barry)
Lili Marlene by M.Dietrich, Donald, where’s Yer Troosers , by Andy Stewart (Diane)
Deliah – Leningrad Cowboys & The Red Army Choir , Cecilia Simon and Garfunkel, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond (Bob)
Tell Laura I love her by Ricky Valance (Rich)

Le 17 juin, nous écouterons des morceaux qui nous “parlent” de fleuves, rivières, océans, lacs…